Demountable Office Partitions

Your workforce may change over the years, but your office space stays the same. Once you’ve invested time and money into your workspace designs, it’s hard to alter them.
With demountable partitions your office space can be as flexible as your employees. These partitions are to be able to accommodate future alterations and extensions. Demountable partitions are fully reusable which is a tick for our environment and a tick for your cost-effectiveness. No matter how many demountable office partitions you require, our team can advise on style and installation.

About our demountable office partitions

Advanced Office Interiors have access to a wide range of demountable partitions to suit any style of office enviroment using the System 44 (demountable) range. These are the most versatile and value for money demountable partitions Melbourne has to offer, and an excellent choice for businesses with changing needs in terms of space and layout.

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The System 44 style is a versatile demountable partition system that is flexible and available in a range of different finishes such as timber veneer, vinyl or raw plaster to be painted in your choice of color. This allows the partition to seamlessly integrate into your overall interior architecture and decorating plan.
The System 44 is a semi permanent solution and thus is able to be relocated elsewhere if required.

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Advanced Office Interiors have a long history refurbishing commercial offices and retail spaces throughout Melbourne. We’ve worked on reinvigorating existing office spaces and designing fitouts for brand new spaces. Our complete office fitouts feature everything you require for a functional, productive workspace.

Contact Us today to discuss how we can assist you in your next choice of demountable office partitions, and don’t forget to check out our range of Drywall and Glass Partitions.

PDF Datasheet Downloads

Please feel free to download our PDF data sheets for specs on some of our demountable partition range.

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