Glass Office Partitions in Melbourne

Advanced Office Interiors can help you retain that feeling of space within your office divisions by choosing glass or glazed office partitions.

Our glass partitions come in a range of colours, including frosted finishes, and are complimented by our large range of aluminium surrounds. From a design perspective, they promote openness and light whilst reducing the amount of noise that travels through the space.

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When the requirements of the space change, they can be combined with new frosted film, screens, and other elements as appropriate- making them a versatile partitioning option. Reach out to our Melbourne-based team to learn more.

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Choose glazed partitions for extra privacy

Full glass partitions are great for transparency of your workforce and increased collaboration, but they aren’t very useful when it comes to privacy. Whether it’s an individual office or a meeting room; our glazed partitions will add that extra level of coverage. Avoid distractions as people walk by your meeting, keep sensitive company information private on shared screens or whiteboards and maintain focus in your own private office.

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There are many benefits to glazed partitions and our team would be happy to talk you through them. We’re dedicated to helping you find the right partitions for your custom office space.

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A complete range of office partitions

Advanced office Interiors have everything required for complete office fitouts. Along with our glass and glazed office partitions, we also supply demountable partitions and drywall partitions. We work closely with clients to ensure their office or retail space is designed to suit their needs. From design through to build and choosing office furniture, our team will be with you every step to assist. Browse our gallery to see past projects completed throughout Melbourne.

Contact Us today to discuss how we can assist you in your next choice of glass office partitions, and don’t forget to check out our Demountable Partitions as well as our Drywall Partitions

PDF Datasheet Downloads

Please feel free to download our PDF data sheets for specs on some of our glass partition range.

Advanced Office Interiors also have a range of skirts and aluminium surrounds. Please view our datasheets for more information

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